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D	Colour, Internally Flawless Diamond
D Colour, Internally Flawless Diamond
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High Quality One Carat Diamonds
A selection of certificated 1+ carat diamonds from our current stock.

High Quality Diamonds
If you already know about diamond quality, you will know that it is impossible to get better quality than D colour Internally Flawless diamonds. If you don't know about diamond qualities, please check out our advice section, starting at Diamonds - The 4 C's, however, in larger diamond sizes, the price increases very steeply, and it becomes worthwhile to make a small sacrifice in quality. The difference in quality is almost imperceptible at this level.

High Colour Grades
All the diamonds listed below are D, E, F, or G colour, and all these grades appear white to the naked eye, especially when viewed from the top or sides, as they are when mounted in jewellery.

High Clarity Grades
The clarity or purity grades of all the diamonds listed here will be from flawless, also called loupe clean, I.F. (Internally Flawless), VVS, VS, or SI grades. All these clarity grades have no inclusions visible to the naked eye, although at SI grades, an expert may be able to find inclusions. When mounted for jewellery, any imperfections are almost impossible to discern.

Proportion & Make
All of the diamonds shown on this page will be of good proportion, symmetry, and polish, in keeping with the other high quality aspects.

Stock & Availability
WeightShape (Cut)ColourClarityLabAvail£ Per CaratPrice £Price $
1.00Round BrilliantDVVS1GIAYes£10,399£10,399$16,373
1.01Round BrilliantGVS1IGIYes£6,345£6,408$10,090
1.01Round BrilliantDVS1GIAYes£7,579£7,655$12,052
1.03Round BrilliantESI1IGIYes£5,464£5,628$8,861
1.04Round BrilliantDSI1GIAYes£5,728£5,951$9,380

Key to Table
Weight = Weight in carats.
Shape = Shape and cut.
Colour = Colour, usually on GIA scale.
Clarity = Clarity, usually on GIA scale.
Lab = Laboratory issuing the certificate.
Avail = Available
Price £= Total price in £ pounds sterling, including VAT.
Price $= Total price in $ pounds sterling, excluding VAT.

Diamond Quality

Coloured Diamonds

For other unmounted gemstones, please see our Unmounted Gemstones page.

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