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Obverse of Byzantine Gold Solidus
Obverse of Byzantine Gold Solidus
Reverse of Byzantine Gold Solidus
Reverse of Byzantine Gold Solidus
Obverse of Kushan Gold Stater
Obverse of Kushan Gold Stater

Reverse of Kushan Gold Stater
Reverse of Kushan Gold Stater

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Histamenon Nomisma22.5 - 23.5Gold4.45Christ Enthroned / Virgin Mary Crowning Emperor

Diameter = millimetres
Weight = Grams

Partial Identification - Update 30th December 2006
At first we thought this was a Byzantine gold solidus, it is actually a "Histamenon Nomisma".
It appears similar to a coin of John 1 Tzimisces, 969 - 976 AD, Sear 1786 / 7.
It is in fact Romanus III Argyrus.

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