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Proof Version of Ireland's First Pound Coin
Proof Version of Ireland's First Pound Coin

Reverse of Alderney Silver Proof £1 of 1995
Reverse of Alderney Silver Proof £1 of 1995

Reverse of Guernsey Silver Proof Pound of 1997

Reverse of Guernsey Silver Proof Pound of 1997

World Pound Coins
We get lots of people asking about other designs of £1 coins, apart from those on the UK coins. Because of this demand, we have attempted to compile a list of those we are aware of. There may be gaps and omissions in the following list.

Countries Issuing Pounds
Ireland - Eire - Irish Republic
Isle of Man

Complete List of Designs
Alderney1993Coronation Anniversary - Coach
Alderney1995VE - Peace in Europe
Falklands1974Romney Marsh Sheep
Falklands1987Coat of Arms
Falklands1992Coat of Arms
Gibraltar1988Castle & Key
Gibraltar1989Castle & Key
Gibraltar1990Castle & Key
Gibraltar1991Castle & Key
Gibraltar1992Castle & Key
Gibraltar1993Castle & Key
Gibraltar1994Royal Visit Anniversary
Gibraltar1995National Day - Rock of Gibraltar
Gibraltar1996Castle & Key
Guernsey1981Guernsey Lilies
Guernsey1983HMS Crescent
Guernsey1985Celtic £1 Design
Guernsey1986Celtic £1 Design
Guernsey1987Celtic £1 Design
Guernsey1988Celtic £1 Design
Guernsey1989Celtic £1 Design
Guernsey1990Celtic £1 Design
Guernsey1992Celtic £1 Design
Guernsey1995Queen Mother
Guernsey1996Queen's 70th Birthday
Guernsey1997Elizabeth & Philip Golden Wedding
Guernsey1997Celtic £1 Design
Ireland1990Irish Red Deer
Ireland1994Irish Red Deer
Ireland1995Irish Red Deer
Ireland1996Irish Red Deer
Ireland1998Irish Red Deer
Ireland2000Millennium - Broighter Boat
Isle of Man1978Triune over Map
Isle of Man1979Triune over Map
Isle of Man1980Triune over Map
Isle of Man1981Triune over Map
Isle of Man1981Charles & Diana
Isle of Man1982Triune over Map
Jersey1972Jersey Lily
Jersey1981Battle of Jersey
Jersey1983Parish of St. Helier
Jersey1984Parish of St. Saviour
Jersey1984Parish of St. Brelade
Jersey1985Parish of St. Clement
Jersey1985Parish of St. Lawrence
Jersey1986Parish of St. Peter
Jersey1986Parish of Grouville
Jersey1987Parish of St. Martin
Jersey1987Parish of St. Ouen
Jersey1988Parish of Trinity
Jersey1988Parish of St. John
Jersey1989Parish of St. Mary
Jersey1991The Tickler
Jersey1991Percy Douglas
Jersey1992Coat of Arms

British Pound Coins
Type Chart of Every UK Pound Coin Design

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