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Obverse of Guernsey 1972 Silver Proof Crown
Obverse of Guernsey 1972 Silver Proof Crown - Statue of Eros

Queen Mother of Reverse of 2000 Guernsey Silver Proof £5
Queen Mother of Reverse of 2000 Guernsey Silver Proof £5
Reverse of 1977 Guernsey 25 Pence silver coin
Reverse of 1977 Guernsey 25 Pence silver coin
Obverse of 1977 Guernsey 25 Pence silver coin
Obverse of 1977 Guernsey 25 Pence silver coin
Guernsey is the second largest of the Channel Islands. It is the only part of the Duchy of Normandy which belongs to the British Crown, having been a British possession since the Norman conquest in 1066.
The Channel Islands, for those who do not know are in the English Channel (La Manche), and are much closer to France than to England.
Guernsey was occupied by German troops from 30th June 1940, to 9th May 1945. Guernsey has an area of 30 square miles and a population of 61,000.
The French spelling of Guernsey is Guernesey, and it is spelt this way on most older coins.

Guernsey Coins
Guernsey started issuing its own coins in 1830, so it has quite a numismatic history.
We usually have in stock at least a few Guernsey coins. The mintage figures tend to be quite low.

Further Information
For more information on Guernsey history and coinage please see our history page.

Coin Specifications
25 Pence38.6128.28Crown
£538.6118.26Millennium Outer Ring
£122.509.84Millennium Inner Disc
£122.509.50Silver Proof

Prices & Availability
All prices on our websites are subject to fluctuation and availability. Please check before ordering.
196610 Shillings900th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings Base metalYes £4ASK
197225 PenceStatue of Eros - Royal Silver Wedding15,000Silver ProofYes£25$40
197225 PenceStatue of Eros - Royal Silver Wedding56,000UncirculatedYes£9$12
197725 PenceRoyal Silver Jubilee25,000Silver ProofYes£20$40
197825 PenceRoyal Visit25,000Silver ProofYes£Ask$Ask
198125 PenceRoyal Wedding of Charles & Diana30,000Silver ProofYes£20$37
1985£240th anniversary of Liberation75,000UncirculatedYes£5$8
1985£240th anniversary of Liberation75,000Specimen in FolderYes£10$16
1986£2Commonwealth Games50,000Specimen in FolderYes£10$16
1988£2William II7,500Specimen in FolderYes£10$16
1989£2Royal Visit5,000Silver ProofYes£30$50
1990£2Queen Mother's 90th Birthday5,000Silver ProofYes£See Page$See Page
1993£240th Anniversary of the Coronation10,000Silver ProofYes£25$50
1994£250th Anniversary Normandy Landings49,000UncirculatedYes£5$8
1995£1Queen Mother Silver Proof *NBYes£20$30
1996£1Queen's 70th Birthday Silver Proof *NBYes£20$30
1997£5Golden Wedding of Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip30,000Silver ProofYes£25$50
1997£1Golden Wedding of Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip50,000Silver Proof *NBYes£20$30
1999£5Prince Edward's Marriage19,000Silver ProofYes£See Page$See Page
2000£5Millennium Outer Ring50,000Silver ProofYes£36.50$55.00
2000£1Millennium Inner Disc50,000Silver ProofYes£36.50$55.00
2000£5Queen Mother's Centenary10,000Silver ProofYes£34.50$49.95
2000 60th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain Two Coin Set15,000Silver ProofYesSee PageAsk
2001£10A Century of the Monarchy950Silver ProofYes£See Page$See Page
2002£5Golden Jubilee50,000Gold PlatedYes£See Page$See Page
2002£5Duke of Wellington1,500Silver ProofAsk£$
2002£5Princess Diana UncirculatedYes£45$75
2002£5Golden Jubilee, Gold State Coach20,000Silver ProofAsk£$
2002£5British Monarchy 18th Century10,000Silver ProofAsk£25$42
2002£5Golden Jubilee, Trooping the Colour20,000Silver ProofAsk£$
2003£50Coronation 50th Anniversary, One Kilo20,000Gold Plated Silver ProofAsk£Ask$Ask
2003£5Prince William Various, See PageYes£$
2003£5History of the British Navy Various, See PageYes£$
2004£50 The 60th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings Channel Islands Set25,000Silver ProofYes£See Page$See Page 
2004£5 The 150th Anniversary of the Crimean War Channel Islands Set10,000Silver ProofYes£See Page$See Page 
2004£5The Golden Age of Steam Channel Islands Set 10,000Silver ProofYes£See Page$See Page 
2006£5Silver Proof Set ProofYes£ 
2006£5Queens 80th Birthday  Silver ProofYes £ See Page
2009£10 100 Years of Naval Aviation Silver ProofYes£Ask$Ask
2009£5 100 Years of Naval Aviation Set Silver ProofYes£Ask$Ask

Notes on Table
Denom = Face value.
Diameter = Diameter in millimetres.
Weight = Weight in grams.
Mintage = Quantity issued, where known, otherwise issue limit.
25 P = 25 Pence
*NB = No Box or certificate.

Channel Island Coins

Prices & Availability
All prices on our websites are subject to fluctuation and availability. Please check before ordering.
DateQtyFromFaceDescriptionMintageAvailabilityPrice £Price $
19716£11.88Unc in Folder Yes£10$16
19857£11.88Unc in Folder Yes£10$16
19867£11.88Unc in Folder5,000Yes£10$16
19877£11.88Unc in Folder7,500Yes£10$16

Notes on Table
Qty = Number of coins in set.
Face = Total Face Value.
From = Highest denomination coin.

Postage & Packing:
UK: At buyer's Risk £3.50 or
Fully Insured £9 (Usually by Royal Mail Special Delivery)
USA: Airmail at buyer's risk $10 or
Fully Insured $20
For further details, please see our Postage & Packing page.

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Guernsey Gold Coins
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