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The African Monkey
It seems that many Africans are trying to make a monkey out of us!

Scams & Frauds
We receive lots of obvious attempts at fraud, some not so obvious, some absolutely laughable, except that every so often, we hear of people getting caught out by something similar.
The worst problem with many of these is the sheer amount of peoples time that must get wasted both sending out and receiving such dribble.
As we receive so much of it, we thought we would share it with the rest of the world. We hope you find them amusing if not amazing.

Previous Head of State
Left millions in a secret bank account.

US$21,500,000.00 in Central Bank of Nigeria
You can have 20% for helping.
The record so far is 50 of these in a single day from 20 different "senders".

Rough Diamonds
$277 Millions worth for only $43.6 Million.

Lousy Mathematician
Fifteen Million US Dollars US $25,000,000! - Innumerate Scammer

If you hear of any other similar scam attempts, not just a variation on one of these, or you know the identity of any of the people concerned, we would be interested to hear from you!
Perhaps someone you know was stupid enough to part with any money? the Lowest Possible Price

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