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Pope Pius XII on Obverse of 1940 Vatican City Silver 5 Lire Coin
Pope Pius XII on Obverse of 1940 Vatican City Silver 5 Lire Coin


Obverse of 2014 Eight Coin Vatican City Coin Set

Onverse of 2014 Pope Francis Bronxe Medallion

Vatican City - Brief Historical Notes

Vatican City Coins
The Vatican city has always issued its own coins. Prior to 1929 the state of Vatican City was known as the Papal States. During the years from 1866-1870 the Papal States used its own lire. When the Papal States were established as the Vatican City in 1929 its own distinct coinage was introuduced again also making it legal tender in both Italy and San Marino. Italian coinage and bank notes were also legal tender in the Vatican City.
In 1999 when Italy joined the European Union, the Vatican City (although not a EU member) was given the right to use the Euro as its official currency. From this time the Philatelic and Numismatic Office of the Vatican City became responsible for issuing vatican coins and postal stamps. The coins are minted by the Italian Mint, Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato. Vatican City have an agreement with the Italian Mint to mint coinage of up to a maximum of 1 million euros per year and as before Vatican base metal coins are legal tender in Italy and now the rest of the EU. Gold and silver coins are only legal tender within Vatican City and have been minted annually from 1996.
Vatican City coins will show the current pope on the obverse of each coin. In the first series of coins (2002-2005) they show Pope John Paul II. These coins were only issued as collector sets. The second series (2006-2013) shows Pope Benedict XVI and the current series from 2014 shows Pope Francis. Coins minted from 2005-2006 will show the emblems of the apostolic chamber and the coat of arms of the Carmelengo of Holy Roman Church due the death of Pope John Paul II and so no current head of the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican City issues its own coins. It has used the euro as its currency since January 1, 1999, owing to a special agreement with the EU (council decision 1999/98/CE). Euro coins and notes were introduced in January 1, 2002--the Vatican does not issue euro banknotes. Issuance of euro-denominated coins are strictly limited by treaty, though somewhat more than usual is allowed in a year in which there is a change in the papacy.[14] Because of their rarity, Vatican euro coins are highly sought by collectors.[15] Until the adoption of the Euro, Vatican coinage and stamps were denominated in their own Vatican lira currency, which was on par with the Italian lira.

1940 5 LirePope Pius XII Circulated
2014 50 Cents Pope Francis 8350

Coin Sets
2014 8 Coin Set Pope Francis Uncirculated

2014 Bronze Medallion Canonisation of John XXIII & John Paul II Uncirculated

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