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Obverse of 1844 Victoria Young Head Crown
Obverse of 1844 Victoria Young Head Crown
Reverse of 1844 Young Head Crown
Reverse of 1844 Young Head Crown
Victoria Young Head Crowns 1844 - 1847
Victoria young head crowns were only issued for circulation in 1844, 1845, and 1847, although there was also a proof version issued in 1839.

The Young Head
The Victoria Young Head obverse was designed by William Wyon, and bears the raised signature W. Wyon R. A. at the neck on the truncation. It was the first of three major portrait types of Victoria's reign, and was used on the first coins of Victoria in 1838 until 1887 inclusive, although on the crown, it was only issued in the few years mentioned above.
Crown were in everyday circulation, and the young head crown is fairly common in worn condition, but difficult to obtain in higher grades of preservation. Our specimen is superb.

The obverse shows a young portrait of Queen Victoria at 18 years of age, her hair arranged into a loose bun or pony tail.

The reverse design is a crowned quartered shield in a laurel wreath. The quarters contain the arms of England, Scotland and Ireland. Beneath is a thistle, rose and shamrock.
The reverse legend reads:

The edge is inscribed in incuse lettering, with cinquefoil separators:
The Latin numerals refer to the year of Victoria's reign:
VII = 7
VIII = 8
X = 10

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good Extremely Fine, attractive tone, £750. Sold
Although this coin is the actual one illustrated, the photograph of the reverse does not quite do justice to the coin, making it appear to be a weak strike. This is due to a shortcoming of the photograph. It is not always possible to illuminate coins perfectly, and coins with a dark tone can prove particularly difficult to photograph perfectly.

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