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Reverse of 1980 Silver Proof Queen Mother Crown
Reverse of 1980 Silver Proof Queen Mother Crown

Reverse of 1980 Gold Proof Sovereign
Reverse of 1980 Gold Proof Sovereign

How We Can Help You
As a leading UK coin dealer, we are often asked for coins or coin sets from particular years such as 1980, as gift items. We are happy to try to oblige. On this page we list a few suggestions.
We keep most of the following coins in stock for immediate delivery.

Gold Sovereigns
We keep in stock almost every date of gold sovereign including 1980, in fact for 1980 we can offer a choice of gold sovereign types.

We have more information about gold sovereigns on our Gold Sovereigns website.

Half Sovereigns
They are less expensive than sovereigns, and make are a more suitable size for use in rings, as sovereign rings are too large for many people.
In 1980, there were no ordinary uncirculated half sovereigns issued, but a proof version was issued, and we permanently keep a few in stock for immediate delivery.
We have a dedicated page on this site for half sovereigns by date.

Although we don't get asked for krugers as frequently as sovereigns, they are a suitable and unusual alternative.
They are available for 1980, and also fractional sizes of krugerrands were introduced in 1980 for the first time.
The four sizes of krugerrand are:-

Because 1980 is a special year, we try to keep at least one each of all four sizes in stock.
We have more information about all four sizes of krugerrands on our specialised Tax Free Gold website, where you will also find updated prices.

British Coin Sets
For 1980, we have Royal Mint proof sets available from stock.
These are described more fully on our 1980 Coin Sets page.

1980 Gold Sovereign Proof Set
In 1980, the Royal Mint issued for the first time since 1937, 4 coin gold proof sovereign sets. These consist of £5, £2, sovereign and half sovereign.
They were struck as a limited edition, but we often have one in stock. They make a very special gift, and naturally are quite expensive.
We have more information about the 1980 gold sovereign proof set on our specialised Tax Free Gold website.

Other British Coins
In 1980 there was a crown issued to celebrate the Queen Mother's 80th Birthday.
They were produced in an ordinary uncirculated version, and also as a silver proof edition.
We can usually supply both types from stock.
Other World Coins
Although we specialise mainly in British coins, there are many other world coins and coin sets, some gold, some silver, which can make great gifts especially if the person has a particular affinity or connection with that country.

World Silver Crowns
A selection of dollar sized silver coins of various years from many different countries. If you are looking for a difficult year, this might be worth trying.

Other 1980 World Gold Coins
We have a small selection of other 1980 world gold coins on our Tax Free Gold website.

World Silver Proof Coins
Various silver coins, struck as proofs (special high quality finish) from different countries and different years.

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