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Obverse of 1978 Falklands £5
Obverse of 1993 5 Pound Silver Proof Coin

Reverse of 1978 Falklands £5
Reverse of 1993 5 Pound Silver Proof Coin

World Proof Silver Crowns & Other Coins

Most countries stopped using silver coins around the time of the first world war. Britain, for example, reduced the silver content of its silver coins from 92.5% (sterling silver), after 1919, and further reduced this again after 1946 to zero, so that no British coins dated after 1946 were issued for circulation containing any silver. All silver coloured coins for circulation are now made from cupro-nickel, which as its name infers is an alloy of copper and nickel.

Crown Sized & Other Sizes
On this page, we have listed silver proof coins of all sizes, not just crown or dollar sized coins. The diameter of each coin is shown is the "Diam" column in millimetres.

Commemoratives & Collectors' Issues
Fortunately since about the mid 1960's, some countries have taken to issuing special commemorative coins for sale to collectors, and these have included many silver proof coins.

Bargain Prices
Many of the coins we list on this page are offered at below the original issue price, and therefore represent remarkable value for the patient collector.

CountryDateFace ValueDiamWeightDescriptionMintageStockPrice £Price $
Alderney19892 Pounds38.6128.28Royal Visit - First Alderney Coin5,000Yes£30$50
Bahamas1978$104945.36005th Anniversary Independence - Prince Charles50,000Yes£20$30
Bhutan19793 Ngultrum38.6128.2800New Legal Tender Coinage10,000Yes£25$40
Canada1989$538.0031.1034Proof Silver Maple43,965Yes£18$27
Cook Islands1986$138.7427.2260th Anniversary of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II2,500Yes£15$25
Cook Islands1986$138.7427.22Royal Wedding Prince Andrew Sarah Ferguson2,500Yes£35$55
Dominica1979$1035.5020.5000Independence - Papal Visit3,450Yes£20$32
Egypt1993£53922.50(AH 1414) King Narmur Smiting a Foe50,000Yes£15$25
Egypt1993£53922.50(AH 1414) Guardian Goddess Serket50,000Yes£15$25
Falkland Islands198150 Pence38.6128.28Royal Wedding - Charles & Diana40,000Yes£20$30
Falkland Islands198250 Pence38.6128.28Liberation Crown25,000Yes£20$30
Falkland Islands19871 Pound22.5019.00Piedfort 2,500Yes£35$55
Guernsey19892 Pounds38.6128.28Royal Visit5,000Yes£30$50
Jersey19892 Pounds38.2828.28Royal Visit3,000Yes£33$55
Jersey1981One Pound25.410.45Bicentenary of the Battle of Jersey10,000Yes£20$30
Morocco1985100 Dirhams31.0015.00Papal Visit2,000Yes£40$60
Sri Lanka1990500 Rupees38.6128.2840th Anniversary of the Central Bank2,200Yes£40$60
Tristan da Cunha198750 Pence38.6128.2840th Anniversary of Coronation2,000Yes£20$35
Turks & Caicos Islands197910 Crowns4029.7010th Anniversary Prince Charles Investiture25,000Yes£10$15
Tuvalu1981$10 4235Duke of Edinburgh's Award 1956 - 19813,000Yes£25$40
Western Samoa199210 Tala38.7431.47The Fleet Of Roggeveen15,000Yes£20$30
Diam = Diameter in millimetres.
Mintage = Quantity issued, where known, otherwise issue limit.

Postage & Packing:
UK: At buyer's Risk £3.50 or
Fully Insured £9 (Usually by Royal Mail Special Delivery)
USA: Airmail at buyer's risk $10 or
Fully Insured $20
For further details, please see our Postage & Packing page.

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World Crown Sized - Base Metal

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