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Reverse of 2008 Vancouver Olympics 1oz Silver Maple
Reverse of 2008 Vancouver Olympics 1oz Silver Maple


Obverse of 2008 Vancouver Olympics 1oz Silver Maple
Obverse of 2008 Vancouver Olympics 1oz Silver Maple
Canada is a large constitutional monarchy located in North America. It is the second largest country in the world in terms of land mass but is the 9 least densely populated country in the world, with a population of less than half that of the UK. Its capital is Ottowa. Canada is one of the wealthiest nations and has a very high per capita income. It is also one of the worlds top ten trading nations, with the US, UK and Japan being the largest importers of Canadian goods.

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For more information on Canada history and coinage please see our history page.

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1976 Montreal Olympic Silver Coins
1986 Silver Dollar Vancouver
1988 Calgary Winter Olympic Silver Coins
1989 Silver Dollar Sir Alexander Mackenzie
1990-1999 Aviation Silver Proof $20 Coins
1994 Remembrance Proof Dollar
1995 Silver Dollar Hudson's Bay Co
2002 Lunar Calendar Silver Dollar
2004 Silver Dollar 1604 First French Settlement
2004 Easter Lily Silver 50 Cent
2004 1oz Silver Maple - Coloured
2005 Silver Five Dollar End of WWII
2008 First Coinage of Canadian Mint
2008 1oz Silver Maple Leaf - 20th Anniversary
2009 Silver Dollar 2010 Vancouver Olympics
2012 Twenty Five Cents Dinosaur Coin
2012 The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Collection

Stamp Replicas
1988 Calgary Winter Olympic Stamp Replica Set

One Ounce Gold Maple Bullion Coins
These coins are listed on our specialist Tax Free Gold website. There are also other Canadian gold coins such as the commemorative 100 dollar series of coins.

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