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Reverse of 2014 Silver Proof Britannia
Reverse of 2014 Silver Proof Britannia

Reverse of 2014 British Lunar Calendar Year of the Horse One Ounce Silver Coin
Reverse of 2014 British Lunar Calendar Year of the Horse One Ounce Silver Coin

2014 Coins
2014, the year of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, the start of the "100 Years of World War I" coin series and the Scottish Referendum; should Scotland become independent? This year also saw The Royal Mint produce its first Chinese Lunar Calander coins.
The following pages list some of the year 2014 coins and sets:-

British Issues
For 2014, there are eight circulated coins and an additonal six commemorative coins featured in this years set. There is one additonal crown to commemorate Prince George's first birthday which is not included in the set. The coins are available in uncirculated, silver proof and siver piedfort versions, celebrating and commemorating the following;

  • 300th Anniversary of the Death of Queen Anne Five Pound Crown.
  • First Birthday of St.George Five Pound Crown.
  • 100th Anniversary of the Outbreak of WW1 Two Pound Coin
  • 500th Anniversary of Trinity House Two Pound Coin
  • Scotland & Ireland Floral Series One Pound Coin
  • Glasgow Commonwealth Games Fifty Pence Coin

  • Like previous years, the coins will be featured in several sets; uncirculated, (silver) proof and in the baby packs.

    Other British Coins
    Outbreak of World War I Twenty Pound Silver Coin.

    British Chinese Lunar Calendar Coins
    The Royal Mint have produced another bullion type coin using the Chinese lunar calendar. They have started with the year of the horse, which is available in both silver and gold.

    The 2014 Britannia coins are available are still being produced with 0.999 silver and 0.9999 gold. There is also a Britannia Proof Set produced for this year.

    British Sovereigns
    Gold Sovereigns
    Half Sovereigns
    For more information about, or to order, 2014 half sovereigns, please visit our Tax Free Gold website.

    2014 Gold 3 & 5 Coin Sovereign Proof Sets
    Gold proof sets of the sovereign series will also feature the St, George and Dragon design. Full details on our Tax Free Gold website for both 3 Coin Gold Sovereign Proof Sets and 5 Coin Gold Proof Sovereign Sets.

    Australian Coins
    2014 Saltwater Crocodile One Ounce Silver Coin
    2014 Australian Lunar Calendar Silver Coins - Year of the Horse
    2014 Australian Silver Kookaburras
    2014 Australian Silver Koalas
    2014 Australian Gold Nuggets

    Austrian Coins
    2014 Austrian Silver Philharmonics

    Chinese Coins
    2014 Chinese Silver Pandas

    Canadian Coins
    Canadian Tiktaalik 25 Cent Coin - They glow in the dark!

    Niue Coins
    Niue Seasons Greetings Half Ounce Silver Proof Coin - Our personal favourite.

    2014 Ryal Nine Coin Pattern Set.

    Vatican City
    Vatican City Coin Set- Three different portraits of Pope Francis.

    If you want to find the value of a coin you own, please take a look at our page I've Found An Old Coin, What's It Worth? the Lowest Possible Price

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