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Roman Historical Notes
Obverse of Drusus As
Portrait of Drusus on an Assarius

Reverse of Drusus As

Reverse of Drusus Assarius

Drusus Julius Caesar: Son of Tiberius. Born 13 B.C. Died 23 A.D.

Drusus Julius Caesar was the only legitimate son of the Emperor Tiberius. History records him as a volatile and violent man who made an enemy of Tiberius' Praetorian Prefect Sejanus by hitting him and addressing him contemptuously. As Drusus, being Tiberius' only son, was the Emperor's natural heir, Sejanus feared that he would surely be executed if he ever came to the throne. To this end, he had the Drusus poisoned at one of his frequent heavy drinking sessions. For a long time, the death was assumed to have been self-inflicted alcoholic poisoning. However, the plot was revealed several years later by Drusus' Mother in Law Antonia Minor, and Sejanus was executed. Drusus' widow and Antonia's own daughter who was also implicated, and was ruthlessly put to death by Antonia herself.

The long-term consquence of Drusus' murder was that Tiberius' nephew Caligula succeeded to the purple instead. Given Drusus' temperement, it can only be speculated as to whether Drusus' rule would have been any better than that of his cousin.

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Roman Historical Notes
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