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Obverse of 1869 Hungary 10 Krajczar
Obverse of 1869 Hungary 10 Krajczar

Reverse of 1869 Hungary 10 Krajczar
Reverse of 1869 Hungary 10 Krajczar

Obverse of 1893 Hungary 10 Filler

Obverse of 1893 Hungarian 10 Filler

Reverse of 1893 Hungary 10 Filler
Reverse of 1893 Hungarian 10 Filler

Obverse of 1914 Hungarian 2 Korona
Obverse of 1914 Hungarian 2 Korona


Reverse of 1914 Hungarian 2 Korona
Reverse of 1914 Hungarian 2 Korona

Hungary was founded by the Magyars in the 9th century, was united with Austria for many centuries to avoid Turkish invasion. One third of the country was under Austrian control from 1541. Independence was regained in 1867 with the Emperor of Austria as king of a dual Austro-Hungarian monarchy. From World War, Hungary has undergone a number of changes to become the Republic of Hungary in 1989.

Hungarian Coins
The official currency of Hungary is the forint.

Further Information
For more information on Hungarian history and coinage please see our history page.

Coin Specifications
20 Krajczar266.680.583 Silver0.1252
10 Krajczar181.660.400 Silver0.0213
10 Filler19 Nickel 
1 Korona235.00.8350.1342
2 Korona2710.0.8350.2685
5 Korona35240.9000.6944

Diameter = Diameter in millimetres.
Weight = Weight in grams.
AMW = Actual Metal Weight in troy ounces of pure silver.

Prices & Availability
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DateDenominationDescriptionMintageStockPrice £Price $
184820 Krajczar 14,972,000Yes£Ask$Ask
186910 KrajczarKB12,746,767Yes£Ask$Ask
189310 Filler 15,753,000Yes£Ask$Ask
19142 Korona 500,000Yes£Ask$Ask
Mintage = Quantity issued, where known, otherwise issue limit.

Hungary Coin Sets
We have listed these on their own page.

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