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Obverse of 2001 Japanese 100 Yen
Obverse of 2001 Japanese 100 Yen
Reverse of 2001 Japanese 100 Yen
Reverse of 2001 Japanese 100 Yen
Obverse of 2001 Japanese 50 Yen
Obverse of 2001 Japanese 50 Yen
Japan is a constituional monarchy, and consists of a number of islands of the east coast of Asia. It was discovered by the western world by the Portuguese in 1542. In the 17th century, it shut out almost all contact with the west, fearing the foreign presence to be a military and cultural threat. After 1854 following a visit by Commodore Perry of the USA, Japan rapidly modernised and industrialised, established a parliamentary government, and rapidly grew into one of the leading nations. After its defeat in the second world war, it renounced military aggression, and made further strong economic progress.

Japanese Coins & Coin Sets
Modern Japanese coins are denominated in Yen, with 100 Sen per Yen, and theoretically, 100 Rin per Sen.

500 Yen26.57Nickel Brass
100 Yen22.64.8Cupro Nickel
50 Yen214Cupro Nickel
10 Yen23.54.5Bronze
5 Yen223.75Brass
1 Yen201Aluminium

Denomination = Face Value of Coin
Diameter = Diameter in millimetres
Weight = Total weight in grams

Japanese Coin Sets For Sale
DateFromCoins in SetDescriptionMintageAvailPrice £Price $Price €
2001500 Yen6Uncirculated Set Yes£12$20€15
2002500 Yen7Uncirculated Set Yes£Ask$Ask€Ask

Mintage = Quantity issued, where known, otherwise issue limit.
Avail = Availability

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