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Roman Historical Notes
Julia Domna Obv
Obverse of Silver Denarius of Julia Domna

Julia Domna Rev
Reverse of Silver Denarius of Julia Domna

Julia Domna 170 - 217 A.D. (Lifetime)

Julia Domna was the wife of Septimius Severus and the mother of Geta and Caracalla. Her intellect and wisdom was well respected by her husband, who frequently consulted her on matters of state and made many of his decisions based on her advice. When her husband died in 211, Julia suffered the ordeal of watch her sons harbouring a murderous resentment against each other, and watched helplessly as Caracalla murdered his brother Geta in 212.
Caracalla was not interested in Julia's advice, who not suprisingly was on bad terms with him for murdering her other son. Julia could only watch helplessly as Caracalla ruled in a reckless and cruel manner, which eventually led to his assasination in 217. With both her sons dead, the grief-stricken Julia starved herself to death. She was later deifeid by her nephew, Egabalus.

The Denarius featured here shows Pietas, Goddess of Duty, perhaps alluding to Julia's sense of duty towards the people of Rome.

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Roman Historical Notes
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