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Roman Historical Notes
Obverse of Magnentius Cent
Portrait of Magnentius

Reverse of Magnentius Cent
Victorae DD NN Aug Et Cae, Two Victories

Magnentius 350 - 353 A.D.

Magnentius was a Roman General under Constans. In 350, he rebelled against Constans and after defeating him gained recognition as emperor in most of the western provinces. He then attempted to extend his authority over the Eastern provinces ruled by Constan's brother, Constantius II. To this end, he marched against Constantius and the two armies met at Mursa in modern day Croatia in 351 B.C. Constantius' army outnumbered that of Magnentius by about 2:1, but he lost half his men in defeating Magnentius, who lost two thirds of his own army. The Battle of Mursa was one of the bloodiest battles in Roman history, with over 50,000 casualties resulting from the contest. Magnentius was able to fall back from this defeat into Gaul however, where he lingered on for two more years before he was killed after a hopeless final stand at Mons Seleucus in 353 A.D.
Although Magnentius was himself a christian, he gained support by issuing an edict of toleration towards pagans and those christian sects which opposed Constantius II's semi-arianism. However, this demonstration of religious relativism did not help Magnentius much after his defeat at Mursa, to which Constantius II and his supporters ascribed the favour and intervention of the christian God.

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Roman Historical Notes
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