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Obverse of 2003 Proof Britannias
Obverse of 2003 Silver Proof Britannia

Reverse of 2003 Proof Britannias
Reverse of 2003 Silver Proof Britannia

2003 Proof Britannia in Presentation Box
2003 Silver Proof Britannia in Presentation Box

2003 Proof Britannia Certificate
2003 Silver Proof Britannia Certificate

Helmeted Head of Britannia on Reverse of 2003 Silver Britannia
Reverse of 2003 Silver Britannia

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Obverse of 2003 Britannias
Obverse of 2003 Silver Britannia

2003 Silver Britannias - New Design
There is a new design this year, and we show the new image here.
We don't know about you, but we like the new design. Like all things new, it will appeal to some, but not to others. We are delighted to see the Royal Mint change the design more frequently, as we believe it makes the whole Britannia series more interesting and collectable.
The new reverse reminds us of a jig-saw, but according to the Royal Mint:-
The NEW £2 Britannia is Britain's purest silver coin. Measuring 40mm in diameter it is also Britain's largest legal tender coin. The stunning new design, by award-winning sculptor Philip Nathan, depicts Britannia wearing a helmet in her brave defence of our shores. Britannia's image is steeped in history, having featured on a coin of every British monarch since the reign of Charles II. The design is further enhanced by a mighty rolling wave, symbolising Britain's proud naval history - from Alfred the Great to the present day.

Proof Britannias - Singles & Sets
Proof versions are now available in silver, 4-coin proof sets, and singles of the one ounce and tenth ounce sizes.
There is also the usual gold proof versions.

One Ounce Silver Coins
Introduced in 1997 following the success of the gold Britannia, the Royal Mint started to produce a one ounce silver Britannia coin with a face value of two pounds (£2).
Silver Britannias are, quite appropriately, struck in Britannia silver, which is 958 parts per thousand silver, instead of the more usual sterling silver of 925 parts per thousand. Many other world silver coins, particularly those of European / American influence are struck in only 900 silver.
The concept of the one ounce bullion coin was to provide an easy way to purchase convenient small quantities of bullion silver in the form of coins.
Additionally, the new one ounce coins, are an attractive design, made to appeal to collectors.
The denomination, or face value, is two pounds.

Fourth Portrait
From 1998, as with all British coins, the obverse design changed to the "fourth portrait", showing a more mature likeness of The Queen.

The reverse design features Britannia wearing a helmet in her brave defence of our shores.

Denomination2 Pounds
Diameter40.00 mm
Silver Content958 / 1000
Total weight32.45 grams
Fine weight31.10 grams

One OunceBullion100,000Fourth PortraitWaves

One Ounce Silver Britannia

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One Ounce Silver Proof Britannia

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