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JanuaryGarnet Dark Red
FebruaryAmethyst Purple
MarchAquamarineBloodstonePale Blue
AprilDiamondRock CrystalWhite
MayEmeraldChrysopraseBright Green
JulyRubyCornelian, OnyxRed
AugustPeridotSardonyxPale Green
SeptemberSapphireLapis LazuliDeep Blue
DecemberTurquoise Sky Blue
Over thousands of years, a tradition has developed, associating certain gemstones with times of the year.
It is likely that pagan beliefs associated the time of year of a person's birth with certain characteristics. Pagan cultures are ones in which the believers tend to be in tune with nature and the earth's cycles and seasons.
These pagan beliefs became incorporated into later religions including judaism and christianity. Astrology is also a link with these earlier beliefs.

With the passing of time and fashions, different gemstones have been ascribed to different months. It is thought that, originally, colour was the major attribute which determined a person's birthstone. During the eighteenth century, the connection between birthstones and particular months received a wave of popularity, and many different lists came into being. In 1937, the (British) National Association of Goldsmiths (N.A.G.), organised a uniform "official" list, which seems to have become, more or less, internationally recognised. The cynical may wish to believe that this is merely marketing by the jewellery industry!

Gemstones associated with the zodiac signs sometimes coincide with the birthstones by month.

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