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Obverse of rare 1932 Chinese Republic 1 Yuan

Reverse of rare 1932 Chinese Republic 1 Yuan

Reverse of 2007 Chinese Silver One Ounce Panda

Obverse of 1998 Chinese Silver 10 Yuan

Obverse of 2007 Chinese Silver Panda Showing the Temple of Heaven
Reverse of 1998 Chinese Silver 10 Yuan

Reverse of 2000 Chinese Silver Panda
Reverse of 2008 Chinese Silver 10 Yuan Panda

Reverse of 2000 Chinese Silver Panda
Obverse of 2008 Chinese Silver 10 Yuan Panda

China (commonly known today as the People's Republic of China) is one of the world's oldest civilisations, dating back as far as the second millennium BC. Its capital, Beijing (sometimes known as Peking) has served as a Chinese capital on and off for over a thousand years, and with a population of over a billion, it is the world's most populous country. Chinese culture and cuisine are enjoyed around the world, and the Chinese Martial Arts of Kung Fu and Wushu are widely practiced as well.

Chinese Coins
The official currency of the Peoples Republic of China is the Renminbi. Although this is used on mainland China, it is not used in Hong Kong or Macau. The primary unit of the Renminbi is the Yuán. The sub units are that of the Jiao and the Fen. There are 10 Jiao to 1 Yuán and 10 Fen to 1 Jiao.

Further Information
For more information on Chinese history and coinage please see our history page.

Chinese Coins
1904 Chinese Kiangnan Province 1 Yuan Coin
1914 Chinese 1 Yuan Coin
1932 Chinese 1 Yuan Coin
2005 One Kilo 300 Yuan Silver Proof

One Ounce Silver Pandas
One Ounce - All Dates
2002 One Ounce Silver Pandas
2002 One Kilo Silver Pandas
2003 One Ounce Silver Pandas
2003 Five Ounce Silver Proof Pandas
2004 One Ounce Silver Pandas
2005 One Ounce Silver Pandas
2006 One Ounce Silver Pandas
2007 One Ounce Silver Pandas
2008 One Ounce Silver Pandas
2009 One Ounce Silver Pandas
2009 One Ounce Silver Pandas - Commemorative
2010 One Ounce Silver Pandas
2011 One Ounce Silver Pandas
2012 One Ounce Silver Pandas
2013 One Ounce Silver Pandas
2014 One Ounce Silver Panda
2015 One Ounce Silver Pandas

Metric Silver Pandas
2016 30 Gram Silver Pandas

Chinese Coin Sets
1997 Uncirculated Set
1999 Commemorative Coloured Two Coin Silver Proof Set
2008 Beijing Olympics Five Coin Medallion Set
2008 Beijing Olympics Two Coin Medallion Set

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