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Colour Enhanced Diamonds
Diamonds and colour enhancement or improvement.

Coloured Diamonds
Fancy or intensely coloured diamonds are very rare, and are also very attractive and desirable. Because they are not actively marketed, certainly not by De Beers, knowledge levels and demand for them is still relatively low. Even so, they command high prices, often much more than colourless diamonds. These intensely coloured diamonds are known as "Fancy" coloured or "Fancies".
Natural fancy coloured diamonds are so rare that most people will never have seen one. Most people only "know" or think they do, that whiter is better.

Why Enhance Colour?
Simple. Some colours are more desirable and attractive than others. If you own a slightly "off" coloured diamond, and could turn it into a "better" or more desirable colour, then you would be silly not to. Colour is very important to most of us in our lives. If you choose the colour of your car, your walls, or your curtains, then why not choose the colour of your diamond?
Unfortunately it is not quite so easy. Not all diamonds can have their colour enhanced, added to which there is the cost of the process, and the risk involved.

Colour Enhancement Processes
There are a number of different ways to change the colour of a diamond. Most of the companies who perform colour enhancement treatments are quite secretive about their exact techniques, although there is also international research aimed at being able to detect and identify enhancement processes. the basic methods for enhancement are:

As we have already mentioned, only certain types of diamonds can be successfully treated and improved. There is also some risk that the process may produce a "worse" or less desirable colour, or that processing may damage or destroy the diamond.

Enhancement Should Be Disclosed
We strongly believe that any colour enhancement of diamonds should be clearly disclosed by vendors, and we try to ensure that we show clearly on our websites which diamonds are enhanced and which are natural. There is also a CIBJO accord which encourages all jewellers to adhere to the same code of practice with regard to gemstone treatments.

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