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Citius Altius Fortius
Olympic Rings on 1948 Gold Medal
Citius Altius Fortius
"Citius Altius Fortius" on 1948 Gold Medal

Citius Altius Fortius
"Citius Altius Fortius" on 1948 Gold Medal

Modern Olympics Years & Cities
The following table shows the dates and cities for each of the modern Olympic games.
We have a selection of Silver Proof Crowns with Olympic themes.

I - 11896Athens
II - 21900Paris
III - 31904Saint Louis
IV - 41908London
V - 51912Stockholm
VI - 61916Not Held
VII - 71920Antwerp
VIII - 81924Paris
IX - 91928Amsterdam
X - 101932Los Angeles
XI - 111936Berlin
XII - 121940Not Held
XIII - 131944Not Held
XIV - 141948London
XV - 151952Helsinki
XVI - 161956Melbourne
XVII - 171960Rome
XVIII - 181964Tokyo
XIX - 191968Mexico City
XX - 201972Munich
XXI - 211976Montreal
XXII - 221980Moscow
XXIII - 231984Los Angeles
XXIV - 241988Seoul
XXV - 251992Barcelona
XXVI - 261996Atlanta
XXVII - 272000Sydney
XXVIII - 282004Athens
XXIX - 292008Beijing
XXX - 302012London

Olympic Silver Proof Crowns
Canadian 1976 Montreal Silver Coins
1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics Yugoslavia

2009 Design Competition for 2012 London Olympics
The Royal Mint has announced a public design competition, to create 29 designs for 50 pence coins, for the 30th Olympics Games London 2012.
We guess that the new coin designs will start appearing on coins dated 2009, and will continue through 2010, and 2011, to 2012 itself.
This holds the possibility that the British public will catch coin fever in a similar way to the US States Quarters programme, which ran over 10 years with 5 coins per year making a total of 50 designs.

Winter Olympics
This is a list of the winter olympic venues, 1924 was the first to be held. After 1992, it was decided that the winter olympics would be held two years before and after the summer olympics, for ease of organisation and administration.
I - 11924Chamonix, France
II - 21928St. Moritz, Switzerland
II I- 31932Lake Placid, New York
IV - 41936Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
 1940Not Held
 1944Not Held
V - 51948St. Moritz, Switzerland
VI - 61952Oslo, Norway
VII - 71956Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy
VIII - 81960Squaw Valley, California, USA
IX - 91964Innsbruck, Austria
X - 101968Grenoble, France
XI - 111972Sapporo, Japan
XII - 121976Innsbruck, Austria
XIII - 131980Lake Placid, New York
XIV - 141984Sarajevo, Yugoslavia.
XV - 151988Calgary, Alberta, Canada
XVI - 161992Albertville, France
XVII - 171994Lillehammer, Norway
XVIII - 181998Nagano, Japan
XIX - 192002Salt Lake City, Utah
XX - 202006Torino (Turin), Italy
XXI - 212010Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
XXII - 222014Sochi, Russia

1948 St. Moritz Winter Olympics Gold Medal the Lowest Possible Price

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