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Obverse of 1946 Romanian Silver 100,000 Lei Coin
Obverse of 1946 Romanian Silver 25,000 Lei Coin


Reverse of 1946 Romanian Silver 25,000 Lei Coin
Reverse of 1946 Romanian Silver 25,000 Lei Coin

Reverse of 1946 Romanian Silver 100,000 Lei Coin
Reverse of 1946 Romanian Silver 100,000 Lei Coin

Romanian Coins
Romania or Rumania has existed from about 200 B.C., and was known to the Romans as Dacia. It has had a complex history. After 1947, it was under Russian Soviet rule as a socialist republic. In 1989, a anti-communist revolution, started in Timisoara, which overthrew Nicolai Ceaucescu, and formed an independent republic.
According to the CIA's website:-
Soviet occupation following World War II led to the formation of a Communist "peoples republic" in 1947 and the abdication of the king. The decades-long rule of dictator Nicolae Ceaucescu, who took power in 1965, and his Securitate police state became increasingly oppressive and draconian through the 1980s. Ceaucescu was overthrown and executed in late 1989. Former Communists dominated the government until 1996, when they were swept from power by a fractious coalition of centrist parties. Currently, the Social Democratic Party forms a nominally minority government, which governs with the support of the opposition Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania. Bucharest must address rampant corruption, while invigorating lagging economic and democratic reforms, before Romania can achieve its hope of joining the European Union.
The 500 Lei of 1944 originates from a turbulent time in Romania's history. The Soviet Red Army occupied Bucharest in August 1944, after Romania had changed from supporting the German side to the Allied side during the war. Romania was forced to pay extortionate reparations to Russia. It was already in a period of high inflation, which was not helped by the payments to Russia. By 1946, a similar size silver coin was tariffed at 250,000 lei, indicating a collapse in the value of the currency by a ratio of 50:1 in just 2 years.
Lei is the plural of lev.

It seems perverse that the portrait of King Michael faces left on the coins of 1944 when he was aligned with the right wing Nazi Germany, and to the right after he had realigned with the Russian communists. Both coins have the inscription MIHAL I REGELE ROMANILLOR, and the engravers name H IONESCU is below the neck. On the 1946 coin the date is below the head.
The reverse side of the 1944 coin has a large crowned shield with the Romanian coat of arms, and the inscriptions ROMANIA 19 44 500 LEI. The 1946 coin ha a much smaller crowned shield to the left, and the large inscription ROMANIA 25000 LEI, with a laurel wreath at the bottom and right.
These coins would make a nice pair in a collection of Romanian or world coins.

DenominationDiameterWeightAlloySilver Content
500 Lei3212.00.700.2701
25,000 Lei3212.50.700.2813
100,000 Lei36.625.0000.700.5626

Denom = Denomination (Face Value)
Diameter = Diameter in millimetres
Weight = Weight in Grams
Alloy = Fineness of Silver (.700 = 70%)
Silver Content = Actual pure silver content in troy ounces.

Prices & Availability
DateDenominationDescriptionMintageStockGradePrice £Price $
1944500 LeiKing Michael facing left9,731,000YesUncirculated£9$14
1944500 LeiKing Michael facing left9,731,000YesEF£5$9
194625,000 LeiKing Michael facing right2,372,000YesUncirculated£10$18
194625,000 LeiKing Michael facing right2,372,000YesEF£7$12
194610,000 LeiKing Michael facing right2,0022,000YesUncirculated£14$25
194610,000 LeiKing Michael facing right2,0022,000YesEF£9$16
  1 of each (3 coins) YesUncirculated£30$54
  1 of each (3 coins) YesEF£20$36

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