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Round Brilliant Cut Diamond
Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

A to Z of Diamonds Glossary
Alphabetical list of main words and terms relating to diamond or diamonds, containing over 600 entries, with definitions, explanations and links to more detailed information.

P1, P2, P3, Piqué, First, Second, ThirdClarity grades of diamond in descending order, The American equivalents are I1, I2, I3. In a piquéd stone, the inclusion or inclusions would be visible to the naked eye.
PalladiumImportant jewellery metal, used in high quality alloys of platinum and white gold.
Panther, PinkThe Pink Panther was the name of a fabulously valuable diamond which the jewel thief of the same name was trying to steal in the film "The Pink Panther starring Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau.
Parcel, ParcelsPaper envelopes for diamonds, and also, importantly, the diamonds they contain. Many diamonds are traded by the parcel, rather than the buyer being permitted to pick the best.
Parcel PriceA per carat price for buying an entire diamond parcel without selection. Sometimes a buyer is permitted to reject a small number of stones.
PasteGlass used as imitation diamond. Also diamond grit or powder supplied or used in paste form as an abrasive for cutting and polishing any material including other diamonds. The paste may be made with oil or any other binder to facilitate application and adhesion to lapping wheels etc.
PavéFrom French, literally paved. Diamonds are other gemstones set in such a way that they substantially cover a surface of a piece of jewellery.
PavilionThe lower part of a diamond, below the girdle.
Pavilion AngleThe angle between the main pavilion facets and the girdle. In diamond cutting and proportion, this is the single most important dimension, and should be around 40.75° to 41°.
Pavilion FacetAny of the facets on the pavilion of a diamond, but usually referring to the main pavilion facets, as distinct from the lower girdle facets.
PegBrummy (Birmingham) word for claw as in gem setting.
Pegasus OverseasPegasus Overseas Limited, as subsidiary of General Electric market HPHT colour improved diamonds which they claimed were almost undetectable, causing a near panic in diamond markets when announced in March 1999.
Pendant, PendantsA piece of jewellery designed to dangle or hang. Often diamond set.
PercentageThere are various ratios usually expressed as percentages which give indications of the accuracy of a diamond's proportions. Also a dealer's mark up.
Perfect, PerfectionOnly D colour and flawless diamonds should be described as perfect. It is our view that perfection is illusory or elusive, as "perfect" diamonds viewed under 20 times magnification instead of 10 times, would probably reveal tiny features or imperfections.
Phonon, PhononsThe quantum of acoustic or vibrational energy, considered a discrete particle and used especially in mathematical models to calculate thermal and vibrational properties of solids.
PhosphorescenceSome diamonds and other gemstones and minerals continue to glow or emit visible light for a period of time after exposure to visible, ultra-violet or other light, after the light source has been removed.
PhotoluminescenceThe emission of visible light by a diamond due to the incidence of light of a different wavelength, including fluorescence and phosphorescence.
PickA "pick" is when a buyer is permitted by the seller to select one or more diamonds from a parcel.
Picking PriceNormally a higher price is charged to a buyer wishing to take one or more selected stones from a parcel, this is known as a picking price.
PinkOne of the rarest and most desirable colours for diamond.
Pink PantherThe Pink Panther was the name of a fabulously valuable diamond which the jewel thief of the same name was trying to steal in the film "The Pink Panther starring Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau.
Pinpoint, PinpointsTiny inclusions, of pinpoint size, sometimes numerous.
Pipe, PipesA diamondiferous area composed of kimberlite, sometimes raised above softer surrounding rock, originally of volcanic origin as a lava flow.
PiquéFrom French "prick", a needle or other inclusion in a diamond. First piqué (P1) is a clarity grade, the American equivalent is I1.
PitDiamond mine. Surface mark on diamond.
PresenceThe presence or absence of colour, inclusions and other features considered when appraising and grading diamonds.
Platen, Baltzar vonSwedish scientist who was the first to synthesize diamond in 1953 while working for ASEA.
PlatinumSilvery gray precious metal often used for setting or mounting high quality diamonds as jewellery.
PochetteA sealed plastic packet containing a diamond or diamond.
PointA weight of one hundredth of a carat, written as 0.01 cts. The name of an old basic cut. Any sharp meeting place of three or more facets, such as a corner, or a closed culet; forms a weak point in polished diamonds, as a sharp blow to a point could easily cause the diamond to cleave (break).
Polish, Polished, PolishingIn diamond manufacturing, polishing can refer to the grinding of facets onto a partially made rough diamond, but more particularly the later stages of brillianteering.
Polished GirdleA girdle which had been finely ground to a polished finish instead of the older and simpler matt finish left by bruting.
Polish LinesFaint surface lines visible either as a result of imperfect polishing, or of grain lines in the diamond.
Polish MarkA "burn mark", and area of slight cloudiness on the surface of a diamond caused by allowing it to become too hot when grinding or polishing it.
Portuguese BlueA large and famous diamond owned by the Smithsonian Institution, which is neither Portuguese nor blue.
PowderUsually referring to diamond powder used for polishing diamonds or other materials.
PreciousHaving high or relatively high value, usually applied to gemstones, particularly the "big four", diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires, but also includes black opal.
Price, Prices, PricingDiamond pricing is extremely variable. Comparison pricing requires consideration of all aspects of quality.
PrincessA square or near square (oblong) diamond, which has been facetted in a brilliant cut style rather than a step cut.
ProductionCurrent world production of gem diamonds is about 30 million carats (6,000 kg) of cut and polished stones annually, and over 100 million carats (20,000 kg) of diamonds are sold for industrial use each year. In 2003, this constituted total production of nearly US$9 billion in value.
ProngAmerican word for claw, as in gem setting.
ProportionThe consideration of the overall shape of a diamond taking each part in relation to all other parts. An important quality element for diamonds.
ProportionscopeA proprietary piece of equipment for assessing, demonstrating, and measuring the proportions of diamonds, and comparing them with ideal.
PurityAnother word for clarity.
PurpleA very rare and attractive fancy diamond colour.

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