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Round Brilliant Cut Diamond
Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

A to Z of Diamonds Glossary
Alphabetical list of main words and terms relating to diamond or diamonds, containing over 600 entries, with definitions, explanations and links to more detailed information.

Naat, NaatsDutch or Afrikaner word for knot, usually caused by twinning or change in crystal growth direction. difficult to cut and polish because of grain direction changes.
Naif, Naife, NaivesSaid of a gemstone having a true or natural luster when uncut; e.g., of the natural, unpolished faces of a diamond crystal. Usually referring to a "natural" on a girdle.
Nailhead, Nail HeadA diamond with a dark-looking table, usually due to the pavilion angle being too high, partially by the viewer blocking light when viewed in sub-optimal lighting.
NamibiaDiamonds discovered in 1908. The fifth largest source of diamonds, mainly alluvial, recovered from coastal areas.
NanotechnologyCarbon including its diamond isomer is an important material in nanotechology because of its many unusual and extreme properties.
Natural, NaturalsA natural diamond is one which was formed in the earth rather than synthetically. A natural is a surface mark or feature on a polished diamond which was present on the rough, and has not been polished away, often on the girdle, and may appear as a small matt, rough or glassy area.
NeedleA thin, sharp looking inclusion in a diamond.
NickA notch made on a rough diamond where it needs to be cleaved. A notch on a polished diamond, usually near the girdle.
NickelUsed as a solvent and catalyst in production of synthetic diamonds.
NitrogenPresent in small quantities in type 1 diamonds, the cause of yellow colouration.
North LightDiamonds have traditionally been sorted in north light, often before midday, as this is considered to be a consistent colour, although special standardised diamond sorting lighting is now available and in common use.
Nova DiamondIn 1999, NovaDiamond of Utah announced its HPHT process to turn type 1 brown diamonds to yellow or vivid yellow-green.

There are currently over 600 entries in this table.
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