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Purple & White Diamond Eternity Ring
Purple & White Diamond Eternity Ring
Purple & White Diamond Eternity Ring in Platinum
Dare to be different!
Who else do you know with a purple diamond eternity ring?
Like many of our rings, this is a very simple design which we believe shows off the diamonds beautifully. The shank is about 3.5 mm wide throughout, and weighs 6.5 grams in platinum. The diamonds are about 2.4 to 2.5mm in diameter, making each about 0.06 carats. The total diamond weight is 0.40 carats.

Purple Diamonds
You may be surprised to hear that purple diamonds exist. You can learn more about them, and other fancy coloured diamonds on some of the other pages of our website.
Naturally occurring purple diamonds are very rare and expensive. The purple diamonds in this ring are real natural diamonds which have had their colour enhanced. Even as enhanced stones, they are still rare and also very beautiful, in our opinion. Not just any diamond can have its colour enhanced, and the results can be quite variable, making it difficult to find or sort matching sets of stones.

Natural Purple Diamonds
Perhaps the thought of enhanced coloured diamonds fails to appeal to you, and you would prefer natural purple ones. If so, then add one or two zeros to our price, and we will try to source a set of matching purple diamonds for you, but please be prepared to wait a few years as they are extremely rare indeed. Even then, we may not be able to find a perfectly matched set, or the colour may be less intense. If you like the idea of a purple diamond ring, and you like this particular ring, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss this further.

Price & Availability
Stock#DiamondColourClarityCertRSP £AvailPrice £Price $
42794 = 0.23
3 = 0.17
7 = 0.40
G = White
No£1,150To Order£767$1,143

Colour Enhancement
More about colour enhancement in diamonds.

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