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2002 Australian Proof Set
2002 Australian Proof Set - Year of the Outback

World Coin Sets 2002 - In Stock Now & Coming Soon
We have year 2002 dated uncirculated and proof coin sets in stock now from Australia.
Coin sets from other countries will be arriving during the year.
Many of the coins in these sets are only available as part of the complete set, as they may not have been issued for circulation. If there are sufficient of a particular denomination in circulation or in stock, it is common practice not to strike any coins of that denomination during the year. This applies particularly to smaller countries.
Because of this, most of these sets are only available to us from the mint for each country, and the prices we have to pay depend on the price the mint decides. As they have a monopoly, it is very difficult for us to influence the prices.

Display Packaging
Every set is packaged in its own display folder. Most of these are also quite informative. Please note that because the sets are produced by different mints, the exact choice of presentation varies from country to country. Some have descriptions only in their native language, others are in several languages, usually including English.

Euro Zone
For all Eurozone member states, the 2002 coin sets will be the new "2002 Euro" issues which are shown on their own page. You may also wish to see our Euro Zone page.
Some countries are unlikely to produce a year 2002 set, in which case we may have their most recent sets in our World Coin Sets - Previous Issues page, our 2000 World Coin Sets page, or our 2001 World Coin Sets page.

CountryDescriptionFromToFaceQtyAvailablePrice £Price $
AustraliaYear of the Outback - Proof - Colour Printed$23.856Yes £39.95$54
AustraliaYear of the Outback$23.856Yes £11.95$15
DenmarkArtist, Medallist, Mintmaster Initials Removed - First Time Ever20 Kroner25 ěre38.757Yes £24.95$35
SingaporeYear of the Horse$56.867Yes £14.25$21.50
Slovak RepublicBi-coloured Medallion Bojnice Castle10 Korun10 Haliers18.807+Yes £8.95$13.95
SwitzerlandUncirculated - Escalade 1602 - 20025 Francs13.889February 2002 £16.75$22.95
SwitzerlandProof - Escalade 1602 - 20025 Francs13.889February 2002 £42.50$57.50

Notes on Table
From=Highest denomination coin.
To=Lowest denomination coin.
Face=Face value in local currency.
Qty=Number of coins in the set.
Qty+=Plus mint medallion.
EuroZone Member=Member of EuroZone

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