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2000 Uncirculated 9 Coin Set in Folder
United Kingdom Uncirculated Set

Uncirculated World Coin Sets
Many of the coins in these sets are only available as part of the complete set, as they may not have been issued for circulation. If there are sufficient of a particular denomination in circulation or in stock, it is common practice not to strike any coins of that denomination during the year. This applies particularly to smaller countries.
Because of this, most of these sets are only available to us from the mint for each country, and the prices we have to pay depend on the price the mint decides. As they have a monopoly, it is very difficult for us to influence the prices.

Last Coins Before The Euro?
It is possible that many of the European coin sets listed will be among the last of their type before the new "Euro" denomination coins are issued.
For year 2000 sets, please take a look at our World 2000 Coin Sets page.

CountryDateDescFromToFaceQtyAvailPrice £Price $
Australia1981Uncirculated in wallet50¢0.886Yes£5$8
Bahamas1966First National Coinage$109.019Yes£18$30
BahrainMixed 1965 - 1969Proof500 Fils1 Fils941 Fils8Yes£21$35
Barbados1973First National Coinage - Proof$1018.418Yes£20$33
Belize1975Sterling Silver Proof$108.918Yes£30$50
Bermuda1999 $11.415Yes£9.95$15
Bhutan1979Proof1 Ngultrum5 Chhertum1.855Yes£12.50$20
Botswana1976First National Coinage - Proof1 Pula1 Thebe1.816Yes£9.95$15
British Virgin Islands1974Proof$11.916Yes£10.00$15
Brunei1979Proof$11 Sen1.866Yes£45$70
Bulgaria1999Year 2000 Silver Medal Extra50 Stotinki1 Stotinki0.886Yes£9.95$15
Canada1980Specimen - Arctic Territories Centenary$12.917Yes£15.00$25
Ceylon1971Proof - Pre-Sri Lanka1 Rupee1.937Yes£7.50$12
China1997 1 Yuan1 Fen1.686Yes£11.95$16.50
China1998 1 Yuan1 Fen1.686Yes£11.95$16.50
China1999 1 Yuan1 Fen1.686Yes£11.95$16.50
Croatia1999Proof5 Kune1 Lipa8.889Yes£21.50$30
Cyprus1983Decimal - Cents20¢1/2¢0.3856Yes£7.50$12
Falkland Islands1980Proof50 Pence1 Penny0.6856Yes£13.95$20
Falkland Islands1982Liberation - Proof50 Pence1 Penny1.3858Yes£30.00$50
Falkland Islands1999 £21 Penny3.888Yes£17.95$25
Gambia1971Proof First Decimal Coinage1 Dalasi1 Butut1.916Yes£6.00$10
Gambia1998Modified Designs1 Dalasi1 Butut1.916Yes£13.50$19
Guernsey1966Proof10 Shillings4 Doubles - Half Penny0.518754Yes£7.50$12
Guernsey1971Proof50 PenceHalf Penny0.6856Yes£8.95$15
Guernsey1986Uncirculated£11 Penny1.887Yes£10.00$16
Guernsey1987Uncirculated£11 Penny1.887Yes£10.00$16
Guernsey1989Uncirculated£11 Penny1.887Yes£13.00$20
Haiti1995Proof5 Gourdes5 ¢6.755Yes£15.95$22
Hong Kong1997Farewell$1010¢18.807Yes£12.50$20
Iceland19741100th Anniversary of Settlement - Proof Silver almost FDC1,000 Kronur500 Kronur1,5002Yes£25$40
Ireland EuroZone Member1998 £11 Penny1.887Sold Out£13.50$19
Israel1967 1 Lira1 Agora1.916Yes£4.95$8
Israel197426th Anniversary1 Lira1 Agora1.916Yes£4.95$8
Italy1999Proof2,000 Lira 3,888 Lire Yes£75$105
Italy1999Uncirculated1,000 Lira 2,888 Lire Yes£35$47.50
Jersey1964Double Copper - 2x3d 2x1d, Toned3 Pence1 Penny0.0334Yes£6$10
Jersey1966Double Crown - 2 x 5/-5 Shillings5 Shillings0.502Yes£6$10
Jersey1980Proof50 PenceHalf Penny0.6856Yes£13$20
Kiribati 1979Proof First Coinage Independence$11.887Sold Out£16.50$25
Lesotho1979Proof - First Coinage1 Loti1 Sente1.937Yes£10.00$15
LiechtensteinMixedSwiss Coins Mixed Dates - Lichtenstein Pack5 Francs8.888Sold £21.50$27.95
Luxembourg1991 50 Francs1 Franc764Sold Out£7.95$11
Madagascar1978New Coinage - Silver20 Ariary;10 Ariary302Yes£25.00$40
Malawi1964First Coinage - IndependenceHalfcrown6 Pence6/-4Yes£6.00$10
Malta1972First Decimal50¢2 Mils0.6908Yes£6.00$10
Malta1972First Decimal - Proof50¢2 Mils0.6908Yes£9.00$15
Monaco1995 20 Francs1 Centime38.8610Sold Out£11.95$17
New Zealand1999Owl$58.85 Yes£17.50$25.50
Norway1991 / 1993Last 10 Öre 1991, 10 Kroner = 199110 Kroner10 Öre16.605Yes£12.50$20
Russia1996300th Anniversary of the Russian Fleet, Uncirculated50 Roubles1 Rouble1866Yes£10.00$16
Seychelles1976Proof - Independence10 Rupees16.918Yes£28.00$45
Seychelles1982Flora & Fauna5 Rupees6.41 Yes£15.00$25
Sierra Leone1964First Currency - Independence - Proof1 LeoneHalf Cent1.3656Yes£10.00$16.50
Sierra Leone1980Proof50¢0.886Yes£17.50$28
Singapore1975Year of the Rabbit1 DollarOne Cent1.866Yes£9.00$15
South Arabia1964Proof - Imperfect50 Fils1 Fils81 Fils4Yes£5$8
SpainEuroZone Member1977Type date 1975, mintage date 197725 Pesetas1 Peseta363Yes£1.95$2.95
SpainEuroZone Member1999 500 Pesetas1 Peseta8918Yes£11.95$17
Sri Lanka1978Proof1 Rupee2.938Yes£15.00$25
Swaziland1974First Coinage1 Lilangeni1.887Yes£7.95$12.50
Swaziland1979Proof1 Lilangeni1.887Yes£15.00$25
Tuvalu1976Proof First Coinage$11.887Sold Out£10.00$16
United Kingdom1987Proof£11 Penny1.887Yes£20$33
United Kingdom1999Uncirculated in Folder£21 penny4.389Yes£12$18
Vatican1999 1000 Lire Silver10 Lire28808Yes£40$60
Yemen (North)1974Proof50 Fils1 Fils0.915Yes£7.95$12.50

Notes on Table
Desc= Description
From= Highest denomination coin.
To= Lowest denomination coin.
Face= Face value in local currency.
Qty= Number of coins in the set.
Avail= Availability

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