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World Coin Photograph Gallery
World Coin Photograph Gallery
Coin photos for countries beginning with V

We present a picture gallery of world coins. The main purpose of this page is to encourage surfers to appreciate the wealth, diversity and beauty of different coins from around the world. If it also helps those with coins to identify, then we shall consider this as a bonus.
We also have a Coins by Country index page.

Vanuatu - Gold 100 Vatu

Vanuatu is the new name for the New Hebrides, a group of small islands east of Australia, discovered by Portuguese navigator Pedro de Quiros in 1606, and named New Hebrides in 1774 by Captain James Cook. The islands were much visited for their sandalwood, and rather unusually, the British and French each relinquished their claims to firstly declare the zone as neutral, and later as a joint Anglo-French dominion (condominium). Vanuatu became independent in 1980 and remains a member of the British Commonwealth.
Our featured coin was issued in 1997 as part of a series of coins issued by Commonwealth members to celebrate events in the life of the Queen Mother.
Obverse of 1993 Vanuatu 50 Vatu Reverse of 1993 Vanuatu 50 Vatu
Vatican - 1 Euro

The Vatican is the world's smallest independent state. It issues its own coins, including the new euro coins. As head of state, the current Pope's portrait occupies the obverse of its coins.
Reverse Of 1940 Vatican City 5 Lire Obverse Of 1940 Vatican City 5 Lire
Venezuela - 5 Bolivianos

It might seem strange to have the portrait of Simon Bolivar, after whom Bolivia was named, on a Venezuelan coin, but Bolivar was a hero and liberator of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela, having overthrown the Spanish in all six of these countries.
Obverse of 1936 Venezuela 5 Bolivares Reverse of 1936 Venezuela 5 Bolivares
Vietnam South - 10 Su

South Vietnam corresponded approximately to Annam and Cochin China. The coin shown, a 10 Su, is from 1953, and from the mintmarks, we believe it was struck by the Paris Mint. According to the French, they controlled South Vietnam until 1954, but the coin appears in Krause under The Democratic State of South Vietnam. The obverse shows the conjoined busts of three women, with the inscription "QUOC-GIA VIET-NAM". The reverse shows a rice plant with the word "VIET-NAM", and the value "10 SU".
Obverse of 1953 south Vietnam 10 Su Reverse of 1953 south Vietnam 10 Su

Vietnam to Follow
We are still working on this section, and will be adding images of Vietnam coins later.

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